Neuro Saber is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr Blanca Nelly Mora, a physical therapist that specializes in Neurological Rehabilitation. She was working in a hospital when she saw a need for a place where abandoned and neglected kids, teens and adults with mental disabilities ranging from moderate to severe could get a place to live, be loved and get the healthcare, rehab, education and therapy they needed.  
She then decided to quit her job and open this foundation with the support of Colombian Child protective services.  
Right now she has 81 residents ranging in ages 12 to 55. They receive not only all their medical needs but a place that they can call home and feel so much love.  
The staff are mainly students that do their practices there and volunteers.  
We were very fortunate to experience how one place can change so many lives and we hope we can continue supporting this beautiful cause.

​During the December 2019 visit to Neuro Saber, EAF was able to donate toys including games, bracelets and a monetary donation.